THURLEY/YULE Surname Research including my maternal Yule line

My father,Alan Thurley, circa 1939
My grandfather, Edgar, with two of his sons, Alan and Doug
My Aunt Bettie and her husband Trevor
My Uncle Edward and his wife Faye
My Aunt Wanda and her husband Rex
My grandfather, grandmother and great grandmother (maternal)
Mum, Dad (front) and friends, circa 1945


This website contains data that represents all of my THURLEY research over the past 20 years. The data contained in this site represents in excess of 20 separate THURLEY trees.
Since 15 June 2017 I have also included my maternal Yule line with the THURLEY data. The YULE data is not as comprehensive as my THURLEY data but has been added for DNA matching purposes as I now have a DNA account. All Media pertaining to YULE is under the YULE tab (above).
My own THURLEY line contains seven THURLEYs who were transported to ,Australian for crimes committed in England and Ireland. The bulk of THURLEYs in my line now living in Australia come from one convict, James Thurley (and his Irish convict wife Ellen) and one free settler, John Thurley. John and James were brothers. James was transported to VDL (now Tasmania) while John came to Tasmania of his own volition as a free settler. James's uncle, William Thurley was also transported to VDL as a convict but died quite young of an alcohol related illness (softening of the brain). The rest to of the THURLEY convicts in this line of THURLEYs were transported to New South wales but I have not been able to make any significant progress in documenting their life in Australia as convicts.

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